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This is an e-mail notification of information for the following Dell product:
Latitude D805
This product will NOT be reflected in any current training material, but is important for providing information and service to the product.

Name of Change:
Latitude D805

Description of Change:
Dell will release the Latitude D805 on February 02, 2004. This is a spped increase of the Latitude D800. The Latitude D800 cerification will cover the break fix certification for the release of this system.

Technical Documents Affected:

Effective Tuesday, October 28th 2003 it will no longer be required to send two dispatches to replace a COA. For Microsoft Operating Systems, Dell provides a label on the computer chassis containing two items: 1. The Product Key or PID, usually 25 characters.2. The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) Number, 14 digits. The codes on the labels will work only with the corresponding Microsoft Operating system as shown on the system order. Prior to June 2000 (depending on the OS), Dell provided the OEM Microsoft media kits or recovery CD, which included the Product Key. Dell now provides the Recovery CD and the COA label, each of which have unique part numbers. The license is tied to the COA number, NOT the Recovery CD.
Bottom Plastics for Portables: Dell Receiving will locate and retire the old COA Number upon receipt of the old plastics. All Bottom Plastics must now be returned to Dell.
Picture of D805
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